Remove unnecessary include directives in C/C++ projects

pip install minclude==1.1.0



Remove unneeded include directives from your C/C++ source base similar to include-what-you-use. Instead of requiring Clang though, Minclude uses the naive approach by simply testing which includes can be removed without breaking the build. The advantages of this are that you can use it with any kind of build tool or compiler.

Minclude is written in Python 3, you can install it via Python's package manager:

pip3 install minclude

Now navigate to your source directory and run minclude to get started.


Isn't this - like - super slow?

Yes it is! Depending on the size of your code base, this might take several hours to complete.

How can I tell Minclude to ignore some include directives?

Simply wrap them:

#ifndef MINCLUDE
#include <string>

And then add -DMINCLUDE as a compiler argument when running Minclude.