Python SDK for Minter Network

pip install minter-sdk==1.0.34


Python SDK

Ported from official Minter's php SDK

Created by's masternode co-founder Roman Matusevich

You can support our project by sending any Minter's coins to our wallet Mx6e0cd64694b1e143adaa7d4914080e748837aec9

Feel free to delegate to our 3% masternode Mp02bc3c3f77d5ab9732ef9fc3801a6d72dc18f88328c14dc735648abfe551f50f


pip install minter-sdk

SDK use

You can create transaction by import transaction class and create object of this class.

Create tx

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterDelegateTx
tx = MinterDelegateTx(pub_key='Mp...', coin='MNT', stake=1, nonce=1, gas_coin='MNT')

Sign tx


You can get signed_tx from signed_tx attribute


To get all required and optional arguments, look for source code.

To create tx object from raw tx

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterTx
tx = MinterTx.from_raw(raw_tx='...')

You will get tx object of tx type.

Minter deeplink

Let's create a MinterSendCoinTx

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSendCoinTx
tx = MinterSendCoinTx(coin='BIP', to='Mx18467bbb64a8edf890201d526c35957d82be3d95', value=1.23456789, nonce=1,
                      gas_coin='MNT', gas_price=1, payload='Hello World')

Now it's time to create deeplink

from mintersdk.sdk.deeplink import MinterDeeplink
dl = MinterDeeplink(tx=tx, data_only=False)

# Deeplink is generated by all tx params (nonce, gas_price, gas_coin, payload) by default.
# If you want to create deeplink only by tx data, set `data_only=True`

After deeplink object is created, you can override it's attributes, e.g.

dl = MinterDeeplink(tx=tx)
dl.nonce = ''
dl.gas_coin = 'MNT'
dl.gas_price = 10

When your deeplink object is ready, generate it

url_link = dl.generate()

# If password check is needed, pass password to generate method
url_link = dl.generate(password='mystrongpassword')

Then you might want to create QR-code from your deeplink

from mintersdk import MinterHelper
qr_code_filepath = MinterHelper.generate_qr(text=url_link)

# For additional params information for `MinterHelper.generate_qr()`, please see sourcecode for this method.