This package enable to use the computer as a Rogue AP in a MitM Channel-Based attack

pip install mitm-channel-based==0.0.5



This is a Python Package to help you to create a MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) channel-based attack in a 802.11 network.

Configure Interfaces and Create Sockets

The package needs two wireless cards to work. It configures the 2 interfaces on them and more 2 virtual interfaces (the interfaces names may vary according to the system):

  • nic_real_mon (wlan1) - monitor interface that listen packets on the real channel
  • nic_real_clientack (wlan1sta1) - managed interface to ACK frames sent by the real AP
  • nic_rogue_ap (wlan0) - managed interface on which the Rogue AP works (hostapd_rogue)
  • nic_rogue_mon (wlan0mon) - monitor interface that listen packet on the rogue channel

Then, it is created sockets on monitor interfaces.

Copy the Real AP configuration, initiate hostapd_rogue.conf and send CSA beacons

  • The package tries to capture one beacon sent by the Real AP, then copies it's network configuration to create a hostapd_rogue.conf file.

  • From that, a Rogue AP is created on a different (rogue) channel.

  • After this, the Rogue AP starts to send CSA (Channel Switch Announcement) beacons frames with the new channel on it, to try the clients to connect to the rogue channel.