An Auto API Documentation tool.

pip install mkapi-fix==0.1.1



A fork of mkapi with a couple of fixes that fit my use

Note that those fixes may not make sense for your case


pip install mkapi-fix
# make sure you only have mkapi either or mkapi-fix installed


  • Fix when module prefix is None
  • Skip __wrapped__ check if errored
  • Fix when decorators return the same object
  • Fix when annotations.__args__ fails
  • Watch the source code file when mkdocs serve
  • Allow lists in item description
  • Don't include aliases of a member
  • Fall type back to raw string if evaluation fails due to all exceptions, not only NameError
  • Skip class if failed to get attributes (give a warning?)
  • Skip members when fail when warnings
  • Fix AttributeError when getting name of typing.Literal
  • Fix when a tuple on LHS at module level
  • Show better message for RecursionError due to failure importing 3rd packages