Mod9 ASR Python SDK, REST API, and Websocket Interface: high-level interfaces to the Mod9 ASR Engine.

pip install mod9-asr==1.11.3


Mod9 ASR Python SDK

The Mod9 ASR Python SDK is a higher-level interface than the protocol described in the TCP reference documentation for the Mod9 ASR Engine. This software is designed as a compatible drop-in replacement for:

Please refer to and for further documentation and examples.

In addition, this package provides a WebSocket interface: see for a demonstration.

To install the Mod9 ASR Python SDK, if an Internet connection is available:

pip3 install mod9-asr

Alternatively, to install from local source:

tar xzf mod9-asr-$VERSION.tar.gz
pip3 install ./mod9-asr-$VERSION