A Python library containing a variety of scripts and functions for interaction with Modelica and TRANSFORM

modelica, dymola, openmodelica, mat
pip install modelicapy==0.3.2



A Python package containing a variety of scripts and functions for interaction with Modelica and TRANSFORM.


  • Scott Greenwood

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the UT-Battelle Open Source License (Permissive)

Copyright 2017, UT-Battelle, LLC

Installation and Use - pip version may be behind GitHub

pip install modelicapy

from modelicapy import cleanData as cln

For updating your pip install to the latest GitHub version:

pip install git+git://


pip install --upgrade git+git://

Brief Description of Files

  1. GraphViz - Generation of dependency graphs of a Modelica library.
  2. - Generate parametric sweeps for simulations.
  3. - Create a summary of the dslog file (e.g., pass/fail, simulation time, etc.).
  4. - Generate new dsin.txt file from dsin.txt or dsfinal.txt with modified simulation and/or variable parameters.
  5. - Modified file from BuildingsPy for regression testing on Windows
  6. - Returns data using a 'r=Reader' from buildingspy that has been cleaned of repeated values (i.e., due to events) and interpolates between values.
  7. getValues - Functions to return single values from components. Helpful for getting initial values. Includes Modelica formatted output. For use with TRANSFORM.
  8. - autogenerate .mos files for use with buildingspy regression test.
  9. raven folder - contains an example of running FMU (via pyFMI) with RAVEN

To Contribute...

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