Monasca common python modules

pip install monasca-common==3.6.0


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monasca-common is a collection of modules containing reusable application and platform code for building monitoring related services.


To install the Python monasca-common modules, git clone the source and run the following command:

$ sudo python install

To run the unit tests use:

$ tox -e py35

For information on contributing, see Contribution Guidelines.


Build Instructions

Download and do mvn install.

$ cd java
$ mvn clean install


There is a pom.xml in the base directory but that should only be used for the Zuul build.

The issue is that currently StackForge’s bare-precise system only has Maven 2 on it and at least one of the modules of monasca-common requires Maven 3.

In order to get around this problem, the pom.xml in the base directory uses the exec-maven-plugin to run the script This script checks if the version of mvn is Maven 3 and if it is not, it downloads Maven 3 and then uses it to run the build in the java directory.

In addition, the script copies the jar files that get built from java/*/target directories to the target directory in the base project directory. This is because the StackForge “monasca-common-localrepo-upload” job uploads any jar files from that directory to Copying the jar files to that directory made it so there didn’t have to be changes made to the “monasca-common-localrepo-upload” job. The build for monasca-thresh downloads the jars it depends on from that location on

A change has been submitted to StackForge to switch to bare-trusty for this build in the hopes that those systems will have maven 3, but it is not known how long that change will take to be accepted.

Application Specific Sub-Projects

Platform Sub-Projects