Track the documents changes

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pip install mongoengine-history==1.1


Mongoengine history

Keep a history of changes of your documents. That is useful for cases when you need to track changes so you can recover a previous state ot the document. Or just know who made what changes or just a log


pip install mongoengine-history

Using it

First, register the Documents you want to track

from mongoengine_history import track_changes
from mongoengine import signals

signals.post_save.connect(track_changes, sender=MyDocument)

I recommend to use the post_save handler because I want to register the change once I'm sure that it was already done, but if you prefer the pre_save one it's up to you!

Once all you Document classes are connected, you have to "start the transaction"

from mongoengine_history import DocumentTrack
d = MyDocument.object.get(id=id)
with DocumentTrack(d): = "My name"
    i.age = 12

When you call with DocumentTrack(d) the status of your document is stored (during the with scope) so the next time you call save the library can generate a diff patch to convert the initial status into the object you just saved. If you do any modification out from the with, any of these changes will not be tracked. This is useful for some cases you dont want to track the changes (but you should have a good reason for that!)

Recovering a previous status

You can rollback a document to any of the previous states.

from mongoengine_history import revert
from datetime import datetime

revert(d, since=datetime(year=2020, month=2, day=8, hour=23, minute=3, second=0))

That will revert the status of the document d to the one it has at the date indicated in since. If you don't provide the since parameters, you will get the very first status of it.

Getting the change log

You can get the changelog in two ways:

  • The patch way: The changes list in a patch format
from mongoengine_history import load_history
for i in load_history(d, d.to_mongo().to_dict()):
  • Or by querying the mongo database
from mongoengine_history import History
for i in History.objects.get(, document_type="my_document"):
   print(i.action, i.path,

Tracking who made changes

In some cases you need someone to blame (so your users should be very careful!). In that case just provide the user entity when you start the transaction:

from mongoengine_history import DocumentTrack
d = MyDocument.object.get(id=id)
user = User.object.get(id=user_id)
with DocumentTrack(d, = "My name"
    i.age = 12

By doing that, the log will register that this user made these changes. Again, if you want to know all changes made by this user you can filter by identity

from mongoengine_history import History
for i in History.objects.get(, document_type="my_document",
   print(i.action, i.path,

Last words

This library is just a wrapper for mongoengine of this awsome library dictdiffer Thank you!