Morepath example of using React & Cerebral

pip install morepath-cerebral-todomvc==0.2


TodoMVC based on Morepath and Cerebral

Cerebral TodoMVC with a Morepath REST backend.

Morepath backend

The backend ist based on morepath_reactredux. You find the code of the backend in the server directory.

From inside the project directory create a clean Python environment with virtualenv and activate it:

$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate

After this you can install the package including dependencies using:

$ env/bin/pip install -e .

Once that is done you can start the server:

$ env/bin/run-app

You can go to http://localhost:5000 to see the UI.

For installing the test suite and running the tests use:

$ env/bin/pip install -e '.[test]'
$ env/bin/py.test

TodoMVC JS bundle

We use the TodoMVC example from Cerebral, which is based on Baobab, React and Cerebral:

JavaScript code is in the client subdirectory. To rebuild the bundle you need to install the JS dependencies (listed in package.json). Run:

$ npm install

to install them. Then run:

$ webpack

To rebuild the bundle after changing it.