Fit mossbauer

pip install mossba==0.1.4.dev5



The program Moss(fitting softly) is designed by the idea to have an easy and interacting fit of Mössbauer spectra. The program is still in a beta stage and several improvements are in progress of implementation. more general information could be found on the webpage at The software is available as python package mossba at pypi repository

Istallation Instructions Windows

  1. Install Miniconda( or Anaconda
  2. start an Anaconda Propt
  3. creaste as new enviroment 'moss', type:
     conda create --name moss
  4. enter in mos env, type:
    activate moss 
  5. install moss, type:
    pip install mossba
  6. Create the icon, type:

At such point an icon should be created on the desktop with wich the program could be started

Unistall Instructions Windows

  1. start an Anaconda Propt

  2. enter in mos env, type:

    activate moss 
  3. uninstall moss, type:

    pip uninstall mossba
  4. destroy the enviroment 'moss', type:

     conda remove --name moss --all
  5. Eventually you coud uninstall anaconda or miniconda by command pannel

  6. delete the icon from the desktop