Regression finder using Mozilla central repo

pip install mozcommitbuilder==0.4.11


Mozilla CommitBuilder

The mozcommitbuilder package is a generic builder library for Mozilla Firefox. It also features interactive regression finding over changesets using local builds. It is probably most useful when used in combination with custom condition scripts (see below for more information)


Downloads the mozilla-central mercurial repository to a local cache and allows operations on that trunk including interactive regression finding over changeset ranges and building particular revisions of firefox and running them. In particular, this module was designed for regression hunting and to provide a flexible builder for firefox.


Mercurial. A correctly-configured mozconfig dotfile is optional. By default, mozcommitbuilder generates its own mozconfig, but you can pass in your own through params/cli if the script fails to build correctly or if you need other configurations..


mozcommitbuilder is available on pypi, so you can install it with easy_install or pip. The recommended method is pip.

sudo pip install mozcommitbuilder --upgrade


Command-line Interface

#This is an example of a command to do interactive bisection between
#changesets (you can use the full changeset hash or short numerical id)
mozcommitbuilder -g 70168 -b 70180
#This example shows that you can use dateranges to similarly bisect
#on changesets.
mozcommitbuilder --good=2012-05-29 --bad=2012-05-30
#If you are on OSX or Linux, this will compile with 8 cores. Multi-core
#compiliation on windows doesn't work, the parameter will be ignored.
mozcommitbuilder -g 70168 -b 70180 -j 8
#This will delete the cached trunk and download a new one, then build
#revision 70168 with 8 cores
mozcommitbuilder -f --single=70168 -j 8
#This will delete the cached trunk and download a new one, then build
#revision 70168 with 8 cores, then start firefox on completion.
mozcommitbuilder -f -e --single=70168 -j 8

Condition Scripts

Instead of interactively building/running/prompting during bisection, you may opt to use an automated condition script. Here is some information about the condition script (you can also see the example in the examples directory)

Writing a condition script:
1. It needs to contain a function called interesting(args, directory). It takes two arguments, one which will be populated
w/ the arguments, the other which will contain the path of a temporary directory.
2. It needs to return a string "bad" or "good" to indicate if the revision was broken or not.
It can theoretically return a boolean but that is less descriptive and may be confusing.
If you choose to use booleans, True is bad (contains regression), False is good (does not contain regression)
3. args[0] contains the path of the object directory (useful when running tests)
4. args[1] to args[x] contain whatever arguments were supplied
#This will bisect using a condition script
mozcommitbuilder -g 70168 -b 70180 -c ~/Desktop/ arg1 arg2 argX

Python API

from mozcommitbuilder import Builder
commitBuilder = Builder()

# Optional Constructor Params:
1. makeCommand, default=["make","-f","","build"]
2. cores, default=1
3. mozconf, default=None (create our own)
4. shellCacheDir, default=~/moz-commitbuilder-cache (where to instantiate the cache)
5. repoURL, default=moz-central repository URL
6. clean, default=False (make clean trunk)

commitBuilder = Builder(cores=8, mozconf="~/myDirectory/mozconf") #custom mozconf
                                                                  #build with 8 cores
#Remote Trunk Operations:
commitBuilder.getTrunk() # fetches a local trunk
commitBuilder.getBinary("70168") # Builds binary from revision,
                                 # moves into the cache directory
                                 # returns the path to it
commitBuilder.bisect("goodchangesetRev","badchangesetRev") # Interactive bisection
#Building and running:"70168") # Build only # Run. Warning: ungraceful failure if build hasn't happened yet.
commitBuilder.buildAndRun(changeset="70168") # Build rev and run
#Repository information:
mostRecentChangeset = commitBuilder.getTip() #Returns tip's changest number
firstChangesetFromDay = commitBuilder.changesetFromDay(date="2011-06-31") #Get first changeset from date
lastChangesetFromDay = commitBuilder.changesetFromDay(date="2011-06-31",oldest=False) #Last changeset from date


For bisection: if the range of commits spans more than a day, try mozregression


Usage: --good=[changeset] --bad=[changeset] [options] --single=[changeset] -e

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  Global Options:
    -j [numjobs], --cores=[numjobs]
                        Max simultaneous make jobs (default: 8, the number of
                        cores on this system)
    -m [mozconf path], --mozconfig=[mozconf path]
                        external mozconfig if so desired
    -f, --freshtrunk    Delete old trunk and use a fresh one
    -d, --deletetrunk   Cleanup Flag: deletes the temp directory / trunk
                        generated. Do not use with other flags, this is just
                        for convenient cleanup.

  Bisector Options:
    These are options for bisecting on changesets. Dates are retrieved
    from pushlog and are not as reliable as exact changeset numbers.

    -g [changeset or date], --good=[changeset or date]
                        Last known good revision
    -b [changeset or date], --bad=[changeset or date]
                        Broken commit revision
    -r, --remote        Use remote build cache to avoid extra builds (NOT YET

  Single Changeset Options:
    These are options for building a single changeset

    -s [changeset], --single=[changeset]
                        Build a single changeset
    -e, --run           run a single changeset

  Binary building options:
    These are options for building binaries from a single changeset

    -x, --binary        build binary and return path to it
    -q [changeset], --revision=[changeset]
                        revision number for single changeset to build binary

  Automatic Testing Options:
    Options for using an automated test instead of interactive prompting
    for bisection. Please read documentation on how to write testing
    functions for this script.

    -c [ -opt1 -opt2], --condition=[ -opt1 -opt2]
                        External condition for bisecting. Note: THIS MUST BE
                        THE LAST OPTION CALLED.

  Remote Options:
    If you don't have a build environment you can push to tryserver to
    build. Warning: not recommended -- very very slow. Uses a trypusher
    server (see Another option
    here is to use mozilla's remote build cache to avoid a lot of
    building. Warning: breaks support for the automated test.

    -t, --try           Build remotely with trypusher
    -n [trypusher server hostname], --host=[trypusher server hostname]
                        Trypusher host
    -p [trypusher server port], --port=[trypusher server port]
                        Trypusher Port

  Broken and Unstable Options:
    Caution: use these options at your own risk.  They aren't recommended.

    -R valid repository url, --repo=valid repository url
                        alternative mercurial repo to bisect NOTE: NEVER BEEN