MRCZ meta-compressed image file-format library

pip install mrcz==0.5.6


Python MRCZ meta-compressed file-format module

mrcz is a package designed to supplement the venerable MRC image file format with a highly efficient compressed variant, using the blosc meta-compressor library to shrink files on disk and greatly accelerate file input/output for the era of "Big Data" in electron and optical microscopy.

Python versions 2.7, 3.4-3.6 are supported.

mrcz is currently considered to be a beta development state.

mrcz is released under the BSD 3-clause license.


A scientific Python installation (such as Anaconda, WinPython, or Canopy) is advised. After installation of your Python environment, from a command prompt type:

pip install mrcz

mrcz has the following dependencies:

  • numpy
  • blosc (optionally, but highly recommended)

Feature List

  • Import: DM4, MRC, MRCZ formats
  • Export: MRC, MRCZ formats
  • Compress and bit-shuffle image stacks and volumes with blosc meta-compressor
  • Asynchronous read and write operations.
  • Support in the hyperspy electron microscopy package.


Documentation is hosted at


See AUTHORS.txt.


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