MUon Data file reader

pip install mud-py==1.2.3



MUon (MUD) Data file IO package.

mudpy is a lightwieght Python package aimed to aid in the analysis of muon spin rotation (μSR) and β-detected nuclear magnetic/quadrupole resonance (β-NMR and β-NQR) data taken at TRIUMF. These techniques are similar to "conventional" nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but use radioactive nuclei or a muon as the NMR probe in place of a stable isotope.

The intended user of mudpy is anyone analyzing data in TRIUMF's MUD file format. A key goal of the project is to alleviate much of the technical tedium that is often encountered during any analysis.

mudpy has been written to fullfill the following needs:

  • Provide a pythonic means of interfacing with MUD files in Python.
  • Provide low-level wrappers of the mud_friendly API.


If you use mudpy in your work, please cite:

Community Guidelines

  • Please submit contributions to mudpy via a pull request
  • To report issues or get support, please file a new issue

Installation and Use


The following packages/applications are needed prior to installation:

Install Instructions

From the PyPI as user (recommended) pip install --user mud-py
From the PyPI as root pip install mud-py
From source python3 install

Note the hyphen in mud-py. The pip command should point to a (version 3) Python executable (e.g., python3, python3.8, etc.). If the above does not work, try using pip3 or python3 -m pip instead.