Multipart/* reader extracted from awsome `aiohttp` project, cf.:

pip install multipart-reader==0.2


Multipart Reader

We are under CI!!

Permits to read a multipart content like, mixed, related, etc.

Thanks to the aiohttp project for the implementation, cf.: Unfortunately lot of people have not yet moved to asyncio, or do not want the full aiohttp stack to read the multipart content.

Here we tried to keep all the aiohttp logic and coverage but the coroutines mechanism.

What it does

It reads the same way multpart/x contents. Lets say we have the following multipart/related content:

>>> import json

>>> from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
>>> from email.mime.base import MIMEBase

>>> multipart = MIMEMultipart('related')

>>> part = MIMEBase('application', 'json')
>>> part.set_payload(json.dumps({'foo': 'bar'}))
>>> multipart.attach(part)

>>> part = MIMEBase('application', 'octet-stream')
>>> part.set_payload(b"Python will save the world. I don't know how. But it will.")
>>> part.add_header('Content-Disposition', 'attachment', filename='python-save-the-world.txt')
>>> multipart.attach(part)

Here is how we can read it:

>>> import io

>>> from multipart_reader import MultipartReader

>>> content = multipart.as_string().split('\n\n', 1)[1]
>>> headers = dict(multipart.items())

>>> stream = io.BytesIO()
>>> stream.write(content)

>>> reader = MultipartReader(headers, stream)

>>> json_part =
>>> json_part.json()
{'foo': 'bar'}

>>> file_part =
"Python will save the world. I don't know how. But it will."

>>> file_part.filename

That's it ...