A musical game made using pyxel

pip install muser==



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This is a musical game which is made using pyxel and pygame.


Run Directly (Recommended)

This method is more recommendable than Installation because the Installation method has not been tested yet and is currently expected to be raising errors.

git clone
cd muser


git clone
cd muser

And then you can find the executable in the dist/ folder.

How to play


Click <Enter> to skip the intro

Sheet Selection

The sheets are detected in muser/assets/sheets/.
You can select sheets using <Left> or <Right>.
For every sheet, there are selections of hardness level. You can use <Up> or <Down> to change the level.
Press <Space> to start the playthrough.


  • You can see that there are three rings: red, blue and purple rings.
  • There are arrows during playthrough, coming from four directions: up, down, left, right.
  • The arrows move toward the center(where the rings are).
  • The player has to touch the corresponding key(arrow keys) at the exact time or the arrows will be missed
  • If the note is in the red ring when pressed, it will be a perfect note
  • If the note is not in the red ring but the blue one, it will be a great note
  • If the note is not in the blue ring but in the purple ring, it will be a bad note
  • If the note has passed the rings but the player hasn't pressed the corresponding key yet, then the note will be indicated as MISS
  • The total score is 100000.
  • There is a weight for each indicator:
  • perfect: 3
  • great: 2
  • bad: 1
  • For each note pressed by the player, the score will be increased by:
  • scoreToAdd = 100000 / (weight * noteCount)

The player can quit the playthrough to go back to sheet selection cast using <Q> key.


The player gets various grades in different ranges of score percentage:
S: score >= 95
A: 90 <= score < 95
B: 80 <= score < 90
C: 70 <= score < 80
D: 60 <= score < 70
F: 0 <= score < 60
The grade is shown in the center of the screen.
There are counters of perfects, greats, bads, and misses under the grade.
Press <Enter> to return to the sheet selection cast.