Get your internet IP. Fast.

pip install my-ip==0.2.1


my-ip: Get your public IP address. Fast.

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my-ip is a simple CLI script, that finds out your public IP by asynchronously requesting multiple services.

Installation and Usage

my-ip is a Python-only package hosted on PyPI. The recommended installation method is pip-installing it:

$ pip install my_ip

Now run it to get your public address!

$ mip
2019-10-12 08:19:58.070 | INFO     | my_ip.console:cli:76 - Standard config not found. Creating new
First run.
Installing config to `/home/lain/.config/my_ip/config.toml`... Done!

As you can see, the script installed the configuration script on the first run. The second run will be less verbose though:

$ mip

Getting Help

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