Type annotations for boto3.SNS 1.20.8 service, generated by mypy-boto3-builder 6.2.1

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pip install mypy-boto3-sns==1.20.8



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Type annotations builder for boto3-stubs project. Compatible with VSCode, PyCharm, Emacs, Sublime Text, mypy, pyright and other tools.

See how it helps to find and fix potential bugs:

boto3-stubs demo

Do you want more? Check the documentation and use boto3 like a pro!

Using boto3-stubs

Check boto3-stubs project for installation and usage instructions.

In short, just install boto3-stubs:

python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs[all]'

# do not forget to install mypy or pyright

And you should already have auto-complete and type checking in your IDE! You can stop reading now.

THe rest of this document is about building boto3-stubs manually. For example, if you want to use the latest features for an older boto3 version.

How to build type annotations


# Install preferred version of `boto3`
python -m pip install boto3==1.16.25 botocore==1.19.25

# Install `mypy-boto3-builder`
python -m pip install mypy-boto3-builder

# Build all packages in mypy_boto3_output directory
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output

# Or specify required services explicitly
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output -s ec2 s3

# Install custom `boto3-stubs` packages
cd mypy_boto3_output
python -m pip install -e ./mypy_boto3_ec2_package
python -m pip install -e ./mypy_boto3_s3_package
python -m pip install -e ./boto3_stubs_package

With Docker image

  • Install Docker
  • Pull latest mypy_boto3_builder version and tag it
docker pull docker.pkg.github.com/vemel/mypy_boto3_builder/mypy_boto3_builder_stable:latest
docker tag docker.pkg.github.com/vemel/mypy_boto3_builder/mypy_boto3_builder_stable:latest mypy_boto3_builder
  • Generate stubs in output directory
mkdir output

# generate stubs for all services
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder

# generate stubs for s3 service
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder -s s3

# generate stubs for a specific boto3 version
docker run -e BOTO3_VERSION=1.16.25 BOTOCORE_VERSION=1.19.25 -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder
  • Install packages from output directory as described above


mypy_boto3_builder version is not related to boto3 version and follows PEP 440.

Latest changes

Full changelog can be found in Releases.

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