Send MySQL binlog event to Google Cloud Pub/Sub

pip install mysqlbinlog2gpubsub==1.0.7


MySQL binlog to Google Cloud Pub/Sub

This package allows to send MySQL binlog to Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Each binlog event will be sent as a message.

You can use this package as a library or a command line.

It use to get binlog event as blinker's signal.

How it works?

  1. First, use pymysqlbinlog2blinker to get binlog and send to blinker's signals.
  2. Subscribes the right signals (depended on configuration).
  3. Pass the signal through list of filters (filters can be configured). For i.e: It will remove column name's prefix, remove some sensitive columns. Rename the schema or table etc,
  1. On each row, make a JWT for it.
  2. Send the JWT value to the pubsub topic, topic's name can be configured.

How to use?

mysqlbinlog2gpubsub_cli test_conf.yaml

Configuration file

Example file example_conf.yaml