Python client for Toyota Connected Services.

Toyota, Car, MYT, python, python3
pip install mytoyota==0.8.1


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Toyota Connected Services Python module

[!] This is still in beta


Python 3 package to communicate with Toyota Connected Services. This is an unofficial package and Toyota can change their API at any point without warning.


This package can be installed through pip.

pip install mytoyota


import json
import asyncio
from mytoyota.client import MyT

username = ""
password = "MyPassword"

# Get supported regions, can be passed to the optional 'region' argument of MyT

client = MyT(username=username, password=password)

async def get_information():
    print("Logging in...")
    await client.login()

    print("Retrieving cars...")
    # Returns cars registered to your account + information about each car.
    cars = await client.get_vehicles()

    for car in cars:

        # Returns live data from car/last time you used it as an object.
        vehicle = await client.get_vehicle_status(car)

        # You can either get them all async (Recommended) or sync (Look further down).
        data = await asyncio.gather(
                client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="day"),
                client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="isoweek"),
                client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="year"),

        # You can access odometer data like this:
        mileage = vehicle.dashboard.odometer
        # Or retrieve the energy level (electric or gasoline)
        fuel = vehicle.dashboard.fuel_level
        battery = vehicle.dashboard.battery_level
        # Or Parking information:
        latitude = vehicle.parkinglocation.latitude

        # Daily stats
        daily_stats = await client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="day")

        # ISO 8601 week stats
        iso_weekly_stats = await client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="isoweek")

        # Monthly stats is returned by default
        monthly_stats = await client.get_driving_statistics(

        # Get year to date stats.
        yearly_stats = await client.get_driving_statistics(, interval="year")

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Known issues

  • Statistical endpoint will return None if no trip have been performed in the requested timeframe. This problem will often happen at the start of each week, month or year. Also daily stats will of course also be unavailable if no trip have been performed.


Coming soon...


This python module uses poetry and pre-commit.

To start contributing, fork this repository and run poetry install. Then create a new branch. Before making a PR, please run pre-commit poetry run pre-commit run --all-files and make sure that all tests passes locally first.


As I @DurgNomis-drol am not a professional programmer. I will try to maintain it as best as I can. If someone is interested in helping with this, they are more the welcome to message me to be a collaborator on this project.


A huge thanks go to @calmjm for making tojota.