A very basic API for the Verisign NameSuggestion API

domains, namestudio, python, requests, verisign
pip install namestudio==1.0


Verisign NameStudio API

This is a very barebones Python API for interacting with Verisign's NameStudio API.

At the moment the only endpoint implemented here is the bulk-check call to check domain availability.

Basic Use

>>> from namestudio import NameStudioAPI
>>> ns = NameStudioAPI(api_key="****")
>>> ns.bulk_check(['', ''])
([{'name': '', 'availability': 'registered'}, {'name': '', 'availability': 'registered'}], <Response [200]>)

A tuple of (results, response) is returned where the response is the raw Requests response object.

You can use unpacking or destructuring to get just what you want:

>>> results, response = ns.bulk_check(['', ''])
>>> import pprint
>>> pprint.pprint(results)
[{'availability': 'registered', 'name': ''},
 {'availability': 'registered', 'name': ''}


This was ripped out of an existing project to get re-used in a sibling project. It was not designed from the ground up for open source release, so ther are quite a few things missing.

  • Tests
  • Additional API methods
  • An improved design for exception handling