Speedy static site generator in Python.

pip install nanosite==0.1.12



nanosite is a static site generator in Python. It's designed to cut through all of the boilerplate and leave the entire structure of your site as flexible as possible. Feedback and pull requests are welcome.

For full documentation and a tutorial, check out nanosite's website: nanosite.

Example Sites


  • Write your content in simple Markdown format, or templated HTML.
  • Create a blog or static pages or a combination of both.
  • Built-in server — develop your site live.
  • Bare-bones and extremely flexible.

How to Install

nanosite uses Python 3. Download the repo and run setup.py install:

python setup.py install

How to Use

To start a new site, simply run nanosite at the terminal, in the directory you want the site to be in. Follow the prompts to generate a blank site. Run nanosite again to serve your site, which you can view at http://localhost:8000/.

Try nanosite import blog for a ready-made blog template featuring posts, static pages and an archive.

Check out the tutorial and documentation.