RSS reader with Naive Bayes powered recommendations

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pip install nayesdog==0.1



RSS/Web news reader with Naive Bayes powered recommendations

  • is preprocessing lib.
  • is ML lib.
  • is web interface lib.


feedparser for RSS beautifulsoup4 for web scraping


To install latest release (pip of python2.7, pip2 on my system):

pip2 install nayesdog

To install development version:

pip2 install git+


  • To run nayesdog you only need to run nayesdog in a terminal
  • Default config files are stored in ~/.nayesdog
    • configuration file. Modify this file to include new RSS feeds or web scrap news, or remove the existing ones.
    • Trained model, containing the word counts that are used by the Naive Bayes Classifier. You can copy your model, use it somewhere else and share it.
    • .previous_session: A hidden file that stores the state of your session. If you have problems, try to erase this file.
  • By running nayesdog with --config option you can have different nayesdogs trained for different purposes and different RSS feeds.

Example configuration can be found at

Python library:

You can import the nayesdog library into python2.7 projects with import nayesdog


  • Each time nayesdog is run, preprocess_html loads all urls even they were previously loaded. This unnecessary work and resulting delays should be avoided.
  • Make dropdown menu to lie above "Toggle images" and "Train" buttons.
  • Add UI toggle for showing titles only / full content / summarized content
  • Save the last feed open and the last folder open
  • Upload last version Pypi
  • Parse HTML (One more dependency)
  • Summarization:
  • Topic modeling and word search according to topic distance and likability
  • Visual search of documents ordered by topics
  • Test and spot bugs
  • replace shelves for cross-compatibility (?)
  • being able to enter feed names that contain spaces!
  • Move "toggle images" function to instead of having button?
  • Should we remove deleted article also from WordCount dict?