LSST's notebook-based report system.

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pip install nbreport==0.7.4



nbreport is a client for creating and publishing LSST's notebook-based reports. Notebook-based reports are generated from template repositories, computed, and published with LSST the Docs.



nbreport is available on

pip install nbreport

nbreport is made for Python 3.6 and newer.


You can use nbreport to:

  1. Create an instance of a report from a report repository.
  2. Fill that instance in with template variables that configure the report instance.
  3. Compute the report instance.
  4. Publish the report instance.

Try this test command to get a sense for how nbreport work:

nbreport test --git-subdir tests/TESTR-000 -c title "My first report"

This test command uses the TESTR-000 example report repository in this project's own Git repository. Next, it creates a new instance called TESTR-000-test in your current working directory and configures the notebook so that the title variable is "My first report". Finally, the test command runs the notebook to generate outputs.

Learn more about nbreport and how to create reports with LSST's notebook-based report system at