Prevent callability on un-initialized objects

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pip install needinit==0.2.1



This is a tiny python library to implement a fairly useful pattern of preventing method calls on an object which has not been initialized.

How does it work?

Any object which extends NeedsInit or NeedsInitMixin (and calls .require_init) gets its methods temporarily replaced by a lambda which raises a NotInitialized TypeError exception. Calling .initialize() on the object will replace the lambdas with the originals, and can either be done externally before configuring the object or from within a configuration/setup method.

In [1]: from needinit import NeedsInit

In [2]: class MyObject(NeedsInit):
   ...:     def something(self):
   ...:         return "hello, I'm ready for action"

In [3]: o = MyObject()

In [4]: o.something()
... stack trace suppressed
NotInitialized: <__main__.MyObject object at 0x104382ed0>.something((), {}) - not callable, needs initializing.

In [5]: o.initialize()

In [6]: o.something()
Out[6]: "hello, I'm ready for action"

Exempting methods

NeedsInit can take a list of exempt methods which is very useful to allow calling non-constructor configuration/init methods -- the use case for which this library was written, but other cases aren't hard to imagine, such as some status/inspection methods.

The __init__, require_init, and initialize methods are always exempt.

from needinit import NeedsInit

class MyAppExtension(NeedsInit):
    def __init__(self, some_param, *args, **kwargs):
        super(MyAppExtension, self).__init__(*args, exempt=['init_app'], **kwargs)
        self.some_param = some_param

    def init_app(self, app):
        self.initialize()  # all methods are now re-enabled

    def initialize_session(self, api_key):
        self.session = SessionMaker(api_key=api_key, environment=self.some_param)