Common Python modules and methods of the NEMEA system.

liberouter, nemea
pip install nemea-pycommon==1.6.0


Nemea Framework

This repository contains base libraries for a Nemea system. The Nemea system is a modular system that consists of independent modules for network traffic analysis and anomaly detection.

The framework consists of:

  • libtrap -- communication interface for messages transfer between Nemea modules
  • UniRec -- flexible and efficient data format of flow-records
  • common -- usefull common functions and data structures
  • pytrap -- python wrapper for libtrap and UniRec that allows development of nemea modules in python
  • pycommon -- python common modules and methods, there is currently a support of alerts creation in the IDEA format that can be stored into MongoDB or sent to the Warden incident sharing system


This repository is usually used as a git submodule of However, it can be installed independently using:

sudo make install

For information about configuration options see:

./configure --help

Python parts must be installed separately when needed. It can be done using:

cd pytrap; sudo python install


cd pycommon; sudo python install

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