Network control daemon for Open_vSwitch

pip install netcontrold==1.0.17


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Netcontrold optimizes Poll Mode Driver (PMD) threads in the OpenVSwitch for a balanced load in the data plane processing. Netcontrold runs a daemon which periodically monitors various stats in the OpenVSwitch for PMD threads, RXQ of various ports that the PMD handles, analyze and apply appropriate load balance instructions in the virtual switch to distribute data plane load uniformly across PMD threads.

Netcontrold performs below key tasks after its daemon starts:

  • Collect stats from vswitch
  • Check if PMDs need rebalance dry-runs
  • Execute dry-run(s) on PMDs
  • If dry-run yields better load balance, instruct vswitch.


  • Rebalance mode (load balance on PMD threads)
  • Trace mode (call back user script in the event of heavy packet drops)
  • Enable/disable its modes in run time.


usage: ncd_ctl CMD

CMD in one of the below: start stop restart status config show config rebalance <on|off> config trace <on|off> config verbose <on|off> version