netfile is a minimalistic .NET executable binary parser

pip install netfile==0.1.3


Hello World!

netfile is a small .NET executable binary parser. It is capable of reading in a .NET executable binary (like a .dll) and parsing the metadata structures in-memory to make programmatic access to this information possible.


I wanted to automate the extraction of resources from "compiled" .NET assets, and doing it from first principles was a learning exercise.

Notable (Known) Bugs:

  • Signature parsing is very rudimentary and incomplete, so it is not done by default; you can call the stub using Field.parse().

Notable Missing Features:

  • Only the TypeDef, Field, ClassLayout and FieldRVA tables are interpreted into right objects right now. The remaining tables are loaded simply as collections of raw bytes.

Do you intend to support this?

Not really. If you find it useful and fix minor issues, I'll happily take pull requests. If you want to do a major refactor of my hasty first draft, I'd recommend simply forking the project instead.