Fast network node embeddings

graph, network, embedding, node2vec
pip install nodevectors==0.1.23


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Quick Example:

    import networkx as nx
    from graph2vec import Node2Vec

    # Test Graph
    G = nx.generators.classic.wheel_graph(100)
    # Fit embedding model to graph
    g2v = Node2Vec()
    # way faster than other node2vec implementations
    # Graph edge weights are handled automatically
    # query embeddings for node 42

    # Save model to gensim.KeyedVector format"wheel_model.bin")
    # load in gensim
    from gensim.models import KeyedVectors
    model = KeyedVectors.load_word2vec_format("wheel_model.bin")
    model[str(43)] # need to make nodeID a str for gensim


pip install graph2vec-learn

The pip package named graph2vec is not this one! It's some thing from 2015


The public methods are all exposed in the quick example. The documentation is included in the docstrings of the methods, so for instance typing in a Jupyter Notebook will expose the documentation directly.

How does it work?

We transform the graph into a CSR sparse matrix, and generate the random walks directly on the CSR matrix raw data with optimized Numba JIT'ed code. After that, a Word2Vec model is trained on the random walks, as if the walks were the Word2Vec sentences.