A straightforward utility for retreiving Nomie data via CouchDB

pip install nomiepy==0.1.1



A minimal python library for accessing Nomie data stored in CouchDB.


  • First, pip install nomiepy
  • Now, you will just need your Mongo DB URL and the username for that DB.
  • To test open up the Python shell or write a short script using instructions below.
  • Instantiate a Nomie object like so `myNomie = nomiepy.Nomie('db url', 'username')
  • For speed, one must cache the trackers in whatever directory you are computing in. To do this you need to run the following command using the object instantiation above. Do this by running myNomie.saveTrackers()
  • You are now ready to use any of the available methods.

Basic Operations

  • To get a list of every single event you tracked, the eventList function is here to help. After creating an instance of the Nomie class as done in the file, you can query all trackers by simply calling this function. (e.g. alLEvents = nomie.eventList())
  • This will include the names of the trackers, so you can easily use a for loop to check for everytime you did a specific action as well as view the time it happened.

Getting Started

Here is a short script that should get you going on your path of self realization.

import nomiepy
# Replace items with the server URl and your database username
myNomie = nomiepy.Nomie('http://yourCouchServer:5984', 'username')
allEvents = myNomie.eventLis()

The allEvents variable now contains everything you've tracked including the set tracker name.

(Optional) Setup from source

  • First clone this repository with git clone
  • To setup your trackers, you will need to open the file and fill in the URL for you CouchDB instance as well as the username you have. No password is required. Make sure to include the port in your URL.
  • After setting up that file, run python The trackernames.json file should be located in your clone directory. Check it out and make sure all your trackers are located there.
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to start querying your Nomie data on demand.

More operations and functionality will be added as I find the time. If you have ideas or want to contribute feel free to open a PR or an issue.