Agent for Reporting results of tests to the Report Portal

testing, reporting, reportportal, nose
pip install nose-reportportal==0.0.2



Nose plugin for reporting test results of Nose to the 'Reportal Portal'.

  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Launching
  • Copyright Notice
  • Changes



To install nose plugin execute next command in a terminal:

  pip install nose-reportportal


Prepare the config file rp.ini in root directory of tests

The rp.ini file should have next mandatory fields:

rp_uuid - value could be found in the User Profile section rp_project - name of project in Report Potal rp_endpoint - address of Report Portal Server, can be found in a environment variable "RP_ENDPOINT" after tests' run rp_launch - name of a launch rp_launch_description - description of a launch

Example of rp.ini:

rp_uuid = fb586627-32be-47dd-93c1-678873458a5f
rp_endpoint =
rp_project = user_personal
rp_launch = AnyLaunchName {}
rp_launch_tags = Nose;Smoke
rp_launch_description = Smoke test

You need to add --rp-config-file to point to config file:

--rp-config-file rp.ini

If you like to override some of parameters above from command line, or from CI environment based on your build, then pass

--rp-launch to change launch name.

--rp-mode to change mode of run report portal agent

--rp-launch-description to change description of a launch


To run test with Report Portal you must provide '--with-reportportal' flag:

nosetests --with-reportportal --rp-config-file rp.ini

Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice:

Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, license (see the LICENSE file).

Apache License Version 2.0:


Changes in version 0.0.3

  • a safe logs-sender was added on a stop test phase

Changes in version 0.0.2

  • Added updated capturing for output and logs
  • Added environment variable "RP_ENDPOINT" to exclude RP url from url-mockers if it is needed