XMPP client network daemon using slixmpp

daemon, instant-messaging-client, network, python, slixmpp, xmpp-client
pip install nuqql-slixmppd==0.5



nuqql-slixmppd is a network daemon that implements the nuqql interface and uses slixmpp to connect to XMPP chat networks. It can be used as a backend for nuqql or as a standalone chat client daemon.

nuqql-slixmppd's dependencies are:

Quick Start

You can install nuqql-slixmppd and its dependencies, for example, with pip for your user only with the following command:

$ pip install --user nuqql-slixmppd

After the installation, you can run nuqql-slixmppd by running the nuqql-slixmppd command:

$ nuqql-slixmppd

By default, it listens on TCP port 32000 on your local host. So, you can connect with, e.g., telnet to it with the following command:

$ telnet localhost 32000

In the telnet session you can:

  • add XMPP accounts with: account add xmpp <username> <password>.
  • retrieve the list of accounts and their numbers/IDs with account list.
  • retrieve your buddy list with account <id> buddies
  • send a message to a user with account <id> send <username> <message>


See nuqql-slixmppd --help for a list of command line arguments:

usage: nuqql-slixmppd [-h] [--version] [--af {inet,unix}] [--address ADDRESS]
[--port PORT] [--sockfile SOCKFILE] [--dir DIR] [-d] [--loglevel
{debug,info,warn,error}] [--disable-history]

Run nuqql backend.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --af {inet,unix}      socket address family: "inet" for AF_INET, "unix" for
  --address ADDRESS     AF_INET listen address
  --port PORT           AF_INET listen port
  --sockfile SOCKFILE   AF_UNIX socket file in DIR
  --dir DIR             working directory
  -d, --daemonize       daemonize process
  --loglevel {debug,info,warn,error}
                        Logging level
  --disable-history     disable message history


  • v0.5:
    • Use nuqql-based as dependency and adapt to nuqql-based changes
    • Add for installation and package distribution
    • Add python type annotations
    • Restructure code
  • v0.4:
    • Add new commands:
      • bye: disconnect from the backend.
      • quit: quit the backend.
      • help: show list of commands and their description.
    • Add and use "chat msg" message format for group chat messages
    • Store accounts in .ini file accounts.ini in the backend's working directory. Note: existing accounts have to be re-added to the backend to be usable with the .ini file.
    • Add configuration file support: in addition to the command line arguments, configuration parameters can now be set in the .ini file config.ini in the backend's working directory.
    • Add loglevel configuration parameter to command line arguments and configuration file for setting the logging level to debug, info, warn, or error. Default: warn.
    • Make daemon python module optional
    • Fixes and improvements
  • v0.3:
    • Add group chat support and messages:
      • list chats on account: account <id> chat list
      • join a chat on account: account <id> chat join <chat>
      • part a chat on account: account <id> chat part <chat>
      • send a message to a chat on account: account <id> chat send <chat> <message>
      • list users of a chat on account: account <id> chat users <chat>
    • Cleanups, fixes, and improvements
  • v0.2:
    • Add account status message:
      • Set current status with: account <id> status set <status>
      • Get current status with: account <id> status get
    • Use stricter permissions for account, log, and sock files
  • v0.1:
    • First/initial release.