Wrapper round pydotplus to make it work with NetworkX

graphviz dot graphs visualization
pip install nxpydot==0.1


A pydot compatibility wrapper for pydotplus

NetworkX can use pydot for GraphViz support, but pydot doesn't support Python 3. On the other hand, pydotplus supports Python 3, but doesn't have an API that is compatible with pydot.

This package creates a wrapper around pydotplus that simply re-exports the pydotplus API under the name pydot and exposes an empty top-level module dot_parser. This is minimally sufficient to allow NetworkX to work, at least to the extent of passing its pydot tests.

This project should not be installed if you have a working version of pydot. It should also not be used for any purpose other than using pydotplus as the pydot back-end for NetworkX.