ObjectRocket Python Client

pip install objectrocket==0.7.0


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ObjectRocket Python Client

ObjectRocket API interface library for Python.

NOTICE: this client is still undergoing intial stages of development, and some public interfaces may change as development continues. We will increment the version of this package to 1.0.0 once the public interface to this library is deemed stable.


To use the library, simply do the following:

>>> import objectrocket

>>> client = objectrocket.Client()
>>> client.authenticate('<username>', '<password>')

# Create a new instance.
>>> client.instances.create(name='instance0', size=5, zone='US-West'
<MongodbInstance {...} at 0x10aedb990>

# Get an instances object.
>>> client.instances.get('instance0')
<MongodbInstance {...} at 0x10aedb980>

# Get all instances.
>>> client.instances.all()
[<MongodbInstance {...} at 0x10aedb980>]


pip install objectrocket



Testing against local you will want to export a couple environment variables:

export OR_DEFAULT_API_URL='http://localhost:5050/v2/'
export OR_DEFAULT_ADMIN_API_URL='http://localhost:5050/admin/'

Before you push your code, run tox from the top level directory. If errors are reported, fix them.


To receive a test coverage report, run tox -e coverage from the top level directory.

pypi build

Update version in setup.py Pushing a tag following the pattern /^[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+$/ will automatically trigger a new version of the client to be built and uploaded to pypi. A pattern of /^[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+-rc[0-9]+$/ will cause it to be pushed to testpypi.


To build the documentation, invoke tox -e docs from the top level directory. The HTML index can then be found at docs/build/html/index.html.