OpenBikes API library

openbikes api client sdk
pip install obpy==1.0.0




🐍 Python SDK for OpenBikes API

Sample usage

By default, each obpy method returns a requests object. So basically, if you call obpy.get_countries(), you will have access to the request status code. To get the JSON data returned by the OpenBikes API (http://api.openbikes.co), call the method .json().

Here you can find a set of sample calls:

Getting the list of countries

>>> import obpy
>>> response = obpy.get_countries()
>>> countries = response.json()
>>> countries
['Belgium', 'Croatia', 'France', 'Germany', 'Irlande', 'Japan', 'Latvia', 'Lithuania', 'Luxembourg', 'New Zealand', 'Norway', 'Poland', 'Slovenia', 'South Korea', 'Spain', 'Sweden', 'Turkey', 'UAE', 'UK', 'USA']

Getting the closest station according to lat/lon

>>> import obpy
>>> response = obpy.get_closest_station(43.592021, 1.446276)
>>> station = response.json()
>>> station
{'altitude': 148.0,
 'docks': 20,
 'latitude': 43.5906050822776,
 'longitude': 1.44517443093758,
 'name': '00103 - ST MICHEL ST CATHERINE',
 'slug': '00103-st-michel-st-catherine'}

Making a forecast for a station at a certain moment

>>> import obpy
>>> response = obpy.get_forecast(city_slug='toulouse', station_slug='00103-st-michel-st-catherine', kind='bikes', moment=1480451171)
>>> forecast = response.json()
{'moment': '2016-11-29T21:26:11', 'predicted': 11, 'kind': 'bikes', 'at': '2016-11-28T21:26:30.372014', 'expected_error': 4.04257073103125, 'station': {'longitude': 1.44517443093758, 'slug': '00103-st-michel-st-catherine', 'altitude': 148.0, 'name': '00103 - ST MICHEL ST CATHERINE', 'latitude': 43.5906050822776, 'docks': 20}}

Getting the latest geojson for a city

>>> import obpy
>>> response = obpy.get_latest_geojson('toulouse')
>>> geojson = response.json()
>>> geojson['features'][0]
{'geometry': {'coordinates': [1.441003598726198, 43.608951960496405],
  'type': 'Point'},
 'properties': {'address': '2 RUE GATIEN ARNOULT',
  'bikes': 11,
  'name': '00055 - ST SERNIN G. ARNOULT',
  'slug': '00055-st-sernin-g-arnoult',
  'stands': 4,
  'status': 'OPEN',
  'update': '2016-11-28T21:32:07'},
 'type': 'Feature'}

Available functions

Function API Endpoint Description
get_latest_geojson GET /geojson/<string:city_slug> Return the latest geojson file of a city.
get_countries GET /countries Return the list of countries.
get_metrics GET /metrics Returns latest metrics.
get_cities GET /cities Return the list of cities.
get_stations GET /stations Return the list of stations.
get_providers GET /providers Return the list of providers
get_updates GET /updates Return the list of latest updates for each city.
get_forecast POST /forecast Return a forecast for a station at a given time.
get_filtered_stations POST /filtered_stations Return filtered stations.
get_closest_city GET /closest_city/<float:latitude>/<float:longitude> Return the closest city for a given latitude and longitude.
get_closest_station GET /closest_station/<float:latitude>/<float:longitude> Return the closest station for a given latitude and longitude.


1. PyPI

$ pip install obpy

2. GitHub for the latest development version

$ pip install git+https://github.com/openbikes/obpy

obpy has the following dependencies:

  • requests: simple HTTP library for Python