A Python-based application programmers interface for the Observations Data Model 2 (ODM2)

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pip install odm2api==0.5.3.a0


ODM2 Python API

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A Python-based application programmer's interface for the Observations Data Model 2 (ODM2).

List of current and planned functions included in the API


The easiest and most reliable way to install the ODM2 Python API (odm2api) is using the Conda package management system via either Anaconda or Miniconda. To start using conda (if it's not your system default), add conda to the PATH; on MacOSX and Linux, it's something like export PATH=$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH, but the exact path may vary.

To activate a conda environment, say, "myenv":

activate myenv  # On Windows
source activate myenv  # On MacOSX or Linux

Note: odm2api currently is only tested on Python 2.7. Some changes have been made to support Python 3.x, but they haven't been tested thoroughly.

Latest release, from ODM2 anaconda.org channel

The latest odm2api release is available on the ODM2 anaconda.org channel for all major OS paltforms (linux, OSX, win32/win64). To install it on an existing conda environment:

conda install -c odm2 odm2api

All dependencies are installed, including Pandas and its dependencies (numpy, etc).

To create a new environment "myenv" with the odm2api package:

conda create -n myenv -c odm2 python=2.7 odm2api

Installing the development version from the master branch on github

Note from 4/26/2016: These instructions may be slightly outdated. Follow these directions for installing the bleeding edge github master branch, mainly for development and testing purposes.

To create a new environment "myenv" with odm2api, first download the conda environment file condaenvironment_1.yml. Go to the directory where condaenvironment_1.yml was downloaded. Then, on a terminal shell:

conda env create -n myenv --file py2_conda_environment.yml

Activate the new environment, then install odm2api into the environment:

activate myenv  # On Windows
source activate myenv  # On MacOSX or Linux

pip install --process-dependency-links git+https://github.com/ODM2/ODM2PythonAPI.git


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