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Stock Logistics Warehouse modules

Odoo Warehouse Management Addons

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
account_move_line_product Displays the product in the journal entries and items
account_move_line_stock_info Account Move Line Stock Info
procurement_auto_create_group Allows to configure the system to propose automatically new procurement groups during the procurement run.
product_quantity_update_force_inventory Product Quantity Update Force Inventory
product_route_profile Kev-Roche Add Route profile concept on product
scrap_location_filter opensourceintegrators Filters scrap location
scrap_reason_code bodedra Reason code for scrapping
stock_archive_constraint victoralmau Stock archive constraint
stock_available Stock available to promise
stock_available_base_exclude_location rousseldenis Base module to exclude locations for product available quantities
stock_available_immediately Ignore planned receptions in quantity available to promise
stock_available_mrp Consider the production potential is available to promise
stock_available_unreserved LoisRForgeFlow Quantity of stock available for immediate use
stock_change_qty_reason Stock Quantity Change Reason
stock_cycle_count LoisRForgeFlow Adds the capability to schedule cycle counts in a warehouse through different rules defined by the user.
stock_demand_estimate Allows to create demand estimates.
stock_demand_estimate_matrix Allows to create demand estimates.
stock_exception Custom exceptions on stock picking
stock_free_quantity Stock Free Quantity
stock_generate_putaway_from_inventory pierrickbrun bealdav sebastienbeau kevinkhao Generate Putaway locations per Product deduced from Inventory
stock_helper Add methods shared between various stock modules
stock_inventory_cost_info Shows the cost of the inventory adjustments
stock_inventory_discrepancy Adds the capability to show the discrepancy of every line in an inventory and to block the inventory validation when the discrepancy is over a user defined threshold.
stock_inventory_exclude_sublocation Allow to perform inventories of a location without including its child locations.
stock_inventory_line_open Open inventory lines on validated inventory adjustments
stock_inventory_line_product_cost Stock Adjustment Cost
stock_inventory_preparation_filter More filters for inventory adjustments
stock_inventory_preparation_filter_pos alexis-via Add POS category filter on inventory adjustments
stock_location_bin_name Compute bin stock location name automatically
stock_location_children Add relation between stock location and all its children
stock_location_empty Adds a filter for empty stock location
stock_location_last_inventory_date Show the last inventory date for a leaf location
stock_location_lockdown Prevent to add stock on locked locations
stock_location_position Add coordinate attributes on stock location.
stock_location_route_description Add description field on stock routes.
stock_location_tray Organize a location as a matrix of cells
stock_location_warehouse Warehouse associated with a location
stock_location_zone Classify locations with zones.
stock_measuring_device gurneyalex Implement a common interface for measuring and weighing devices
stock_measuring_device_zippcube gurneyalex Implement interface with Bosche Zippcube devicesfor packaging measurement
stock_move_auto_assign Try to reserve moves when goods enter in a location
stock_move_common_dest Adds field for common destination moves
stock_move_location This module allows to move all stock in a stock location to an other one.
stock_mts_mto_rule Add a MTS+MTO route
stock_orderpoint_manual_procurement Allows to create procurement orders from orderpoints instead of relying only on the scheduler.
stock_orderpoint_manual_procurement_uom Glue module for stock_orderpoint_uom and stock_orderpoint_manual_procurement
stock_orderpoint_move_link Link Reordering rules to stock moves
stock_orderpoint_origin Link Purchase Orders to the replenishment demand Sales Orders
stock_orderpoint_origin_mrp_link Link Purchase Orders to the replenishment demand MOs
stock_orderpoint_purchase_link Link Reordering rules to purchase orders
stock_orderpoint_route Allows to force a route to be used when procuring from orderpoints
stock_orderpoint_uom Allows to create procurement orders in the UoM indicated in the orderpoint
stock_packaging_calculator Compute product quantity to pick by packaging
stock_packaging_calculator_packaging_type Glue module for packaging type
stock_picking_cancel_confirm kittiu Stock Picking Cancel Confirm
stock_picking_procure_method Allows to force the procurement method from the picking
stock_picking_show_linked This addon allows to easily access related pickings (in the case of chained routes) through a button in the parent picking view.
stock_product_qty_by_packaging Compute product quantity to pick by packaging
stock_pull_list LoisRForgeFlow The pull list checks the stock situation and calculates needed quantities.
stock_putaway_method asaunier Add the putaway strategy method back, removed from the stock module in Odoo 12
stock_putaway_product_template kevinkhao sebastienbeau Add product template in putaway strategies from the product view
stock_quant_manual_assign Stock - Manual Quant Assignment
stock_quant_reservation_info Allows to see the reserved info of Products
stock_quant_reservation_info_mrp Allows to see the manufacturing order related to the reserved info of Products
stock_request Internal request for stock
stock_request_analytic Internal request for stock
stock_request_cancel_confirm kittiu Stock Request Cancel Confirm
stock_request_direction max3903 From or to your warehouse?
stock_request_kanban Adds a stock request order, and takes stock requests as lines
stock_request_partner Allow to define partner in Stock Request
stock_request_picking_type max3903 Add Stock Requests to the Inventory App
stock_request_purchase Internal request for stock
stock_request_submit Add submit state on Stock Requests
stock_request_tier_validation Extends the functionality of Stock Requests to support a tier validation process.
stock_reserve_rule Configure reservation rules by location
stock_search_supplierinfo_code Allows to search for picking from supplierinfo code
stock_secondary_unit Get product quantities in a secondary unit
stock_vertical_lift Provides the core for integration with Vertical Lifts
stock_vertical_lift_empty_tray_check Checks if the tray is actually empty.
stock_vertical_lift_kardex Integrate with Kardex Remstar Vertical Lifts
stock_vertical_lift_packaging_type Provides integration with Vertical Lifts and packaging types
stock_vertical_lift_qty_by_packaging Glue module for stock_product_qty_by_packaging and stock_vertical_lift.
stock_vertical_lift_server_env Server Environment layer for Vertical Lift
stock_vertical_lift_storage_type Compatibility layer for storage types on vertical lifts
stock_warehouse_calendar JordiBForgeFlow Adds a calendar to the Warehouse


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.