Show manufacturing orders generated from sales order

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pip install odoo11-addon-sale-mrp-link==


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Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
partner_contact_sale_info_propagation Propagate Salesperson and Sales Channel from Company to Contacts
partner_sale_pivot ernestotejeda Sales analysis from customer form view
portal_sale_personal_data_only Portal Sale Personal Data Only
product_form_sale_link Adds a button on product forms to access Sale Lines
product_supplierinfo_for_customer_sale Loads in every sale order line the customer code defined in the product
sale_automatic_workflow Sale Automatic Workflow
sale_automatic_workflow_job Execute sale automatic workflows in queue jobs
sale_automatic_workflow_payment_mode Sale Automatic Workflow - Payment Mode
sale_cancel_reason Sale Cancel Reason
sale_commercial_partner alexis-via Add stored related field 'Commercial Entity' on sale orders
sale_company_currency Company Currency in Sale Orders
sale_delivery_split_date Sale Deliveries split by date
sale_delivery_state Show the delivery state on the sale order
sale_discount_display_amount This addon intends to display the amount of the discount computed on sale_order_line and sale_order level
sale_elaboration Set an elaboration for any sale line
sale_exception Custom exceptions on sale order
sale_exception_holidays_public jbaudoux Raise a sale exception if there is a commitment_date on the SO and this date is a public holidays for the shipping partner address
sale_fixed_discount Allows to apply fixed amount discounts in sales orders.
sale_force_invoiced Allows to force the invoice status of the sales order to Invoiced
sale_invoice_frequency Shide yajo EmilioPascual Define the invoice frequency for customers
sale_manual_delivery Create manually your deliveries
sale_mrp_bom Allows define a BOM in the sales lines.
sale_order_archive Archive Sale Orders
sale_order_currency_rate Currency Rate in Sale Order
sale_order_general_discount General discount per sale order
sale_order_general_discount_triple ashishhirapara General discount per sale order with triple
sale_order_invoice_amount Display the invoiced and uninvoiced total in the sale order
sale_order_invoicing_finished_task Control invoice order lines if their related task has been set to invoiceable
sale_order_line_date Adds a commitment date to each sale order line.
sale_order_line_delivery_state Show the delivery state on the sale order line
sale_order_line_menu Adds a Sale Order Lines Menu
sale_order_line_price_history Sale order line price history
sale_order_line_sequence Propagates SO line sequence to invoices and stock picking.
sale_order_line_tag smaciaosi dreispt ckolobow Add tags to classify sales order line reasons
sale_order_lot_generator florian-dacosta mourad-ehm bealdav Sale Order Lot Generator
sale_order_lot_selection bodedra Sale Order Lot Selection
sale_order_product_availability_inline ernestotejeda Show product availability in sales order line product drop-down.
sale_order_product_picker Sale Order Product Picker
sale_order_product_recommendation Recommend products to sell to customer based on history
sale_order_product_recommendation_packaging_default rafaelbn yajo Quickly add recommended products to sale order by packagings
sale_order_qty_change_no_recompute victoralmau Prevent recompute if only quantity has changed in sale order line
sale_order_revision Keep track of revised quotations
sale_order_type Sale Order Type
sale_order_warn_message Add a popup warning on sale to ensure warning is populated
sale_packaging_default yajo Set a default product packaging and simplify its usage in sales orders
sale_partner_incoterm Set the customer preferred incoterm on each sales order
sale_partner_selectable_option victoralmau Sale Partner Selectable Option
sale_payment_sheet sergio-teruel Allow to create invoice payments to commercial users without accounting permissions
sale_pricelist_from_commitment_date Use sale order commitment date to compute line price from pricelist
sale_procurement_group_by_line Base module for multiple procurement group by Sale order
sale_product_category_menu Shows 'Product Categories' menu item in Sales
sale_product_multi_add Sale Product Multi Add
sale_product_packaging_container_deposit Sale Product Packaging Container Deposit
sale_product_set Sale product set
sale_quotation_number Different sequence for sale quotations
sale_start_end_dates alexis-via Adds start date and end date on sale order lines
sale_stock_cancel_restriction Sale Stock Cancel Restriction
sale_stock_delivery_state Change the way to compute the delivery state
sale_stock_line_sequence Glue Module for Sale Order Line Sequence and Stock Picking Line Sequence
sale_stock_picking_blocking Allow you to block the creation of deliveries from a sale order.
sale_stock_picking_note Add picking note in sale and purchase order
sale_substate Sale Sub State
sale_tier_validation Extends the functionality of Sale Orders to support a tier validation process.
sale_triple_discount Manage triple discount on sale order lines
sale_wishlist Handle sale wishlist for partners
sales_team_security pedrobaeza ivantodorovich New group for seeing only sales channel's documents
sell_only_by_packaging Manage sale of packaging

Unported addons

addon version maintainers summary
sale_invoice_policy (unported) Sales Management: let the user choose the invoice policy on the order


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's __manifest__.py file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

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