Manage model export profiles

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pip install odoo12-addon-base-export-manager==


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Server UX

Server side features for usability and user experience related.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
barcode_action Allows to use barcodes as a launcher
base_cancel_confirm kittiu Base Cancel Confirm
base_custom_filter AshishHirapara ForgeFlow Add custom filters in standard filters and group by dropdowns
base_export_manager Manage model export profiles
base_import_security_group Group-based permissions for importing CSV files
base_menu_visibility_restriction victoralmau Restrict (with groups) menu visibilty
base_optional_quick_create Avoid "quick create" on m2o fields, on a "by model" basis
base_revision Keep track of revised document
base_search_custom_field_filter pedrobaeza Add custom filters for fields via UI
base_substate Base Sub State
base_technical_features Access to technical features without activating debug mode
base_tier_validation LoisRForgeFlow Implement a validation process based on tiers.
base_tier_validation_correction kittiu Correct data after it has been created.
base_tier_validation_formula Formulas for Base tier validation
base_tier_validation_forward kittiu Forward option for base tiers
base_tier_validation_report kittiu Reports related to tier validation
base_tier_validation_server_action kittiu Add option to call server action when a tier is validated
base_user_locale User Locale Settings
chained_swapper Chained Swapper
date_range lmignon Manage all kind of date range
date_range_account alexis-via Add Date Range menu entry in Invoicing app
default_multi_user LoisRForgeFlow Allows to share user-defined defaults among several users.
document_quick_access etobella Document quick access
document_quick_access_folder_auto_classification etobella Auto classification of Documents after reading a QR
filter_multi_user LoisRForgeFlow Allows to share user-defined filters filters among several users.
mass_editing Mass Editing
mass_operation_abstract Abstract Tools used for modules that realize operation on many items
multi_step_wizard Multi-Steps Wizards
sequence_check_digit Adds a check digit on sequences
sequence_range_end Sequence prefix/suffix option, 'range_end_', to use the beginning of the range
sequence_reset_period Auto-generate yearly/monthly/weekly/daily sequence period ranges
server_action_domain Apply a domain filter before executing server actions on records


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.