Romania - Account Period Closing

pip install odoo13-addon-l10n-ro-account-period-close==


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Odoo Romania Localisation

This repository hosts official romanian localization provided by OCA. It extends ODOO/OpenERP functionalities to be usable in Romania.

List of Modules

Available addons

addon version summary
currency_rate_update_RO_BNR Currency Rate Update National Bank of Romania service
l10n_ro_account_period_close Romania - Account Period Closing
l10n_ro_address_extended Romania - Extended Addresses
l10n_ro_fiscal_validation Romania - Fiscal Validation
l10n_ro_partner_create_by_vat Romania - Partner Create by VAT
l10n_ro_partner_unique Creates a rule for vat and nrc unique for partners.
l10n_ro_stock Romania - Stock
l10n_ro_vat_on_payment Romania - VAT on Payment

Translation Status

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