PrestaShop-Odoo connector

pip install odoo8-addon-connector-prestashop==


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A module that allows Odoo to connect to Prestashop.


You should install prestapyt (akretion branch) and python-requests :

pip install -r requirements.txt

This module is based on modules in other repositories :

Getting started

  • install the module prestashoperpconnect
    • settings -> modules
    • choose your country accounting
  • install the module account_accountant
  • configure the chart of account (it seems that it is not required anymore with ocb branches)
    • in settings -> configuration -> Accounting -> Chart of account
    • set the template for your country
    • apply
  • configure the prestashop backend
    • Connectors -> prestashop -> backend click create
    • 1st field is the label of the backend
    • Location is of the form http://server:port
    • password is the api key from prestashop admin
    • save
  • import the first data from prestashop
    • click on synchronize metadata
    • click on synchronize base data
  • configure the tax groups
    • in Accounting -> Configuration -> Taxes -> Taxes
    • set a tax group for each sale vat
  • import customers and products
    • click on 'import in background' in front of 'Import customer groups and customers since"
    • click on 'import in background' in front of 'Import product categories and products'
  • once these tasks are done (see it in Connectors -> Queue -> Jobs)
    • click on 'import in background' in front of 'import sale orders'