Medical Medicament Physical Attributes

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Vertical Medical

Vertical Medical provides a Free and Open Source solution for storing and processing medical records in Odoo.

Many of the workflows were built in alignment with existing Odoo processes to allow for seamless operation with other record types.

Licensing history

The current project as it is today represents an evolution of the original work started by Luis Falcon. See https://sourceforge.net/projects/medical/files/Oldfiles/1.0.1, that later became GNU Health (see http://health.gnu.org/). The original code was licensed under GPL.

On Nov 27, 2012 derivative code was published in https://github.com/OCA/vertical-medical, by Tech-Receptives Solutions Pvt. Ltd., licensed under AGPL. The license change was unauthorized by the original author. See https://github.com/OCA/vertical-medical/commit/f0a664749edaea36f6749c34bfb04f1fc4cc9ea4

On Feb 17, 2017 the branch 9.0 of the project was relicensed to LGPL. https://github.com/OCA/vertical-medical/pull/166. Various prior contributors approved the relicense, but not all.

On Jan 25, 2018, GNU Health claimed that the original code and attribution should be respected, and after further investigation the Odoo Community Association Board agreed to switch the license back to GPL v3 to respect the rights of the original author.

Although no trace of relationship was found between the code at the date and the original code from 2012, through the commit history of the project one can see that the current status of the project is the end result of an evolutionary process. The Odoo Community Association Board concluded that the original license should be respected for ethical reasons.

More information can be read here - https://odoo-community.org/blog/our-blog-1/post/vertical-medical-75.

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
medical Odoo Medical
medical_agpl Odoo Medical - GPL
medical_base_us Provides some helper mixins for US locale
medical_center Adds a concept of Medical Centers to Patients.
medical_insurance Medical Insurance
medical_pathology Extends Odoo Medical with pathologies (diseases).
medical_pathology_icd10 Supports the import of ICD-10-CM pathology data
medical_pathology_import Provides an interface for medical pathology data imports
medical_practitioner Defines medical practioners
medical_practitioner_us Adds several US IDs to medical practitioners
medical_procedure Adds notion of medical procedure used elsewhere in medical

Unported addons

addon version maintainers summary
medical_disease (unported) Introduce disease notion into the medical category
medical_insurance_us (unported) Medical Insurance - US
medical_medicament (unported) Introduce Medicament notion into the medical product
medical_medicament_attributes (unported) Medical Medicament Physical Attributes
medical_medication (unported) Introduce medication notion into the medical addons
medical_medication_us (unported) Medical Medication - US Locale
medical_pharmacy (unported) Medical Pharmacy
medical_pharmacy_us (unported) Medical Pharmacy - US Locale
medical_prescription (unported) This module introduce the prescription/prescription line into the medical addons.
medical_prescription_sale (unported) Medical Prescription Sales Processes
medical_prescription_state (unported) Medical Prescription Order States
medical_prescription_thread (unported) Medical Prescription Threaded

Translation Status

Transifex Status

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