Python code to assist the game Olympia

pip install olypy==0.9.32



Build Status Coverage Status Apache License 2.0

olypy is a collection of code related to the epic fantasy strategy game Olympia, which currently lives in SVN (yuck) at

olypy supports:

  • Generating a game database for testing the Olympia code
  • Actual end-to-end tests of the Olympia code
  • Generating a game database from player turn output to support simulations for players


Install python 3.5 or better, using pyenv or your favorite equivalent.

Clone the repo.

Install dependent python modules, and see if olypy passes tests:

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
make test

Generating the QA database

make defaultlib

Running Olympia tests

You need a compiled Olympia binary with support for the 'assert' command.

cd sim; python

Tests are YAML files. Here's an example:

description: test move-related things
lib: defaultlib
aa1 orders: |
 unit 1102  # A2 in Aachen [c18]
   # test movement delays
   claim 10 20
   assert item 10 20 not item 10 21 # exactly 20
   move out # 2 days
   assert day 3 not day 4
   drop 10 1
   move c18
   assert day 4 not day 5

This example contains 3 tests. assert is similar to wait; it passes if the wait is 0-time, and fails elsewise. The foo not foo syntax is a way of expressing exact values.