Just get TLD from domain. No other function.

pip install onlytld==0.0.6



Just only get TLD from domain. No other function. No non-standard library dependencies.

Because it is simple, it is fast. One million queries only require 2.4s.

How to use

In Python3.5+:

from onlytld import get_tld, get_sld

assert get_tld("") == "com"
assert get_sld("") == ""

Support punycode-encoded domain names: if a punycode-encoded domain is passed in, a punycode-encoded domain will be returned, otherwise a utf8 string will be returned.

Update TLD List

Refer to, you can run regularly in the code or run python -m in crontab.

Use yourself TLD List

Maybe this is useless, but I still set this function.

from onlytld import set_datapath, get_tld


assert get_tld("") == "cn"

Why this

There are many libraries in pypi that can get tld, such as publicsuffix2, publicsuffixlist, dnspy, but they have too many functions. I just need a repository that can get tld, and it is best not to have dependencies other than the non-standard library.