open source semiconductor band parameters

pip install openbandparams==0.9


The main goal of this project is to provide easy access to semiconductor
band parameters for calculations and simulations. Basic functionality
requires only the standard python distribution.

Example scripts are provided for basic usage and for generating common
plots such as bandgap vs. lattice constant and bandgap vs. alloy

Materials included in this version:
- III-V Zinc Blendes
    - Binaries
        - AlN, GaN, InN,
          AlP, GaP, InP,
          AlAs, GaAs, InAs,
          AlSb, GaSb, InSb
    - Ternaries
        - AlGaN, AlInN, GaInN,
          AlGaP, AlInP, GaInP,
          AlGaAs, AlInAs, GaInAs,
          AlGaSb, AlInSb, GaInSb,
          AlNP, GaNP, InNP,
          AlNAs, GaNAs, InNAs,
          AlPAs, GaPAs, InPAs,
          AlPSb, GaPSb, InPSb,
          AlAsSb, GaAsSb, InAsSb
    - Quaternaries
        - AlNPAs, AlPAsSb,
          GaNPAs, GaPAsSb,
          InNPAs, InPAsSb,
          AlGaInN, AlGaInP, AlGaInAs, AlGaInSb,
          AlGaNP, AlInNP, GaInNP,
          AlGaNAs, AlInNAs, GaInNAs,
          AlGaPAs, AlInPAs, GaInPAs,
          AlGaPSb, AlInPSb, GaInPSb,
          AlGaAsSb, AlInAsSb, GaInAsSb

Parameters included in this version:
- lattice constants
- thermal expansion coefficients
- bandgap energies (direct and indirect)
- Varshni parameters
- split-off energies
- effective masses
- Luttinger parameters
- Kane parameters (Ep and F)
- Valance band offsets
- band deformation potentials
- elastic constants
- alloy bowing parameters
- effects of biaxial strain

The [source code]( and [documentation]( are graciously hosted by GitHub.