Open Lobby Server

pip install openlobby==0.1.0


Open Lobby Server

Open Lobby is register of lobby meetings. It's being developed for and tested on Czech Pirate Party but later it may be used by any party, organization, agency, ...

Open Lobby is in early beta version now. Not for production use.

This is core of the register - server with GraphQL API. Over API are connected application interfaces. Default web application is available at openlobby/openlobby-app.

Register is built on top of Elasticsearch. For now it's intended for search in Czech language with custom Czech text analyzer. There is prepared Elasticsearch Docker container with Czech support at openlobby/openlobby-es-czech.


Configuration is done by environment variables:

  • SECRET_KEY - long random secret string (required)
  • ELASTICSEARCH_DSN - DSN of Elasticsearch cluster (default: http://localhost:9200)
  • SITE_NAME - site name for OpenID authentication (default: Open Lobby)
  • ES_INDEX - Elasticsearch index (default: openlobby)


Docker image is at Docker Hub openlobby/openlobby-server. It exposes server on port 8010. You should provide it environment variables for configuration (at least SECRET_KEY).


Demo of Open Lobby with instructions is in repository openlobby/demo.

Local run and development

You need to have Python 3 installed. Clone this repository and run:

  1. make init-env - prepares Python virtualenv in dir .env
  2. source .env/bin/activate - activates virtualenv
  3. make install - installs requirements and server in development mode
  4. make run - runs development server on port 8010

Now you can use GraphQL API endpoint and GraphiQL web interface at http://localhost:8010/graphql

Next time you can just do steps 2 and 4.

Development server assumes that you have openlobby/openlobby-es-czech. running on http://localhost:9200. You can override this address in environment variable ELASTICSEARCH_DSN. E.g. ELASTICSEARCH_DSN=http://my-server:9200 make run


Run: pytest

Expects Elasticsearch for tests running on localhost:9200 (can be override by environment variable ELASTICSEARCH_DSN). Tests creates random indices with prefix test_ and deletes all indices matching test_* on teardown.