A client for reading data from Registers provided by Government Digital Services

openregister, govuk
pip install openregister-client==0.4


Open Registers Client


openregister_client.registers.OpenRegister is the base class that accesses a single register and ignores field data typing information. openregister_client.registers.Register and openregister_client.registers.AlphaRegister use the "register" register to discover available registers and the field data types their items should contain. Records, entries and items (the actual data contained in records) returned are dict subclasses that provide typed attributes to access the register data more easily.

Currently, only compatible with Python 3.6+.

Install using pip install openregister-client.

Usage samples:

# direct register usage; field types will not have correct types, but data can be loaded more simply
from openregister_client.registers import OpenRegister

country_register = OpenRegister(name='country')
country_record = country_register.get_record('GB')
print('The official name for GB is %s' % country_record.item.official_name)
if not country_record.item.is_current:
    print('This country is not currently recognised')

# using register auto-discovery to process fields and datatypes
from openregister_client.registers import Register

register = Register()
territory_register = register.get_register('territory')
territory_items = sorted(map(lambda record: record.item, territory_register.get_records()), key=lambda item: item.territory)
for territory in territory_items:
    print('The official name for territory %s is %s' % (territory.territory, territory.official_name))

# make a Django model class; works best when using auto-discovery
from openregister_client.django_compat.model_factory import ModelFactory
from openregister_client.registers import Register

country_register = Register().get_register('country')
with open('', 'wt') as f:

# an API key can be provided when instantiating a register class
country_register = OpenRegister(name='country', api_key='YOUR API KEY')

Caching is not implemented. Users of the library can store results of queries or subclass OpenRegister.request to add caching.

Consuming non-json input formats is not supported and probably not necessary.


Please report bugs and open pull requests on GitHub.

Use python test to run all tests.

Distribute a new version by updating the VERSION tuple in openregister_client/ and publishing a release in GitHub (this triggers a GitHub Actions workflow to automatically upload it). Alternatively, run python sdist bdist_wheel upload locally.


  • Do not paginate past the end since numbers of entries and records are known
  • Perhaps lower minimum Python version to 3.4 or 3.5; use typing module



Copyright (C) 2020 HM Government (Ministry of Justice Digital & Technology). See LICENSE.txt for further details.