Python SDK for OpenSearch of Ali Cloud

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pip install opensearch-sibbay==2.1.1


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Aliyun OpenSearch Python SDK

ali-opensearch-sdk is a python SDK for Aliyun OpenSearch Product.
Based on OpenSearch API version v2. This SDK supports both python2.x and python3.x.
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1 Design

1.1 SDK structure

There are 7 type of resources provided by opensearch, they are:

  • app: Application
  • data: Data Process
  • search: Search Related Action
  • suggest: Suggestion for Search
  • index: Index Reconstruction
  • quota: Quota Management
  • log: Error Log Query

There are 5 Operation for almost all resources, they are CURD as follow:

  • list: list all of this type of resources.
  • show: show detail information of a specific resource.
  • CUD: create, update and delete a specific resource.
1.1.1 app Operation:

2, Installation:

You can install via pip:

#pip install ali-opensearch

Or, From Source code:

#git clone
#cd ali-opensearch-sdk
#python install

3, Getting Started :

from opensearchsdk.client import Client as osclient
client = osclient(base_url, key, key_id)
apps =
print apps


    u'status': u'OK',
    u'total': u'1',
    u'result': [
                        u'description': u'test',
                        u'created': u'1447753400',
                        u'id': u'119631',
                        u'name': u'test'
    u'request_id': u'1447866418002866600607068'

More examples can be found in opensearchsdk/
Note: All return data from server were remained.

4, Contribute and BUG:

This project was managed via Launchpad.
Welcome to log bugs and commit patch. Code style follow the PEP8 rules.

5, License:

Apache License Version 2.0

6, Release Note:

  • 1, V2.0.0-dev Provide only few functions of opensearch, not yet cover all functions.
  • 2, V2.0.0 completed all api functions.
  • 3, V2.0.1 add compatibility for python3.
  • 4, v2.0.2 fix data process url