A Python client for the Center for Responsive Politics API at

api, api-client, government-data, opensecrets, python
pip install opensecrets-crpapi==0.1.0


OpenSecrets CRP API

A Python client for the Center for Responsive Politics API at

Access campaign contribution and personal financial data for US congressional members.

You will need a Center for Responsive Politics API key.


From PyPI:

pip install opensecrets-crpapi

Or, download and use the install script:

git clone && cd opensecrets-crpapi
python install


All API functions are abstracted to corresponding client methods, and accept the respective parameters. Results are returned in JSON format, and pre-parsed to trim the fat. For example:

>>> from crpapi import CRP
>>> crp = CRP(API_KEY)

# get a specific legislator by CID
>>> cand = crp.candidates.get('N00007360')
>>> cand['lastname']

# get the top contributors to a candidate for a specific cycle
>>> contribs = crp.candidates.contrib('N00007360', '2016')
>>> contribs[0]['@attributes']['org_name']

# get fundraising information for a committee's members, by industry
>>> cmte = crp.committees.cmte_by_ind('HARM', 'F10')
>>> cmte[0]['@attributes']['member_name']
'Heck, Joe'

# use fetch to access the endpoints more directly, without pre-parsed results
>>> summ = crp.fetch('candSummary', cid='N00007360')
>>> summ['summary']['@attributes']['first_elected']