A django-allauth provider for the Orfium.com music platform.

pip install orfium-oauth-provider==0.1.9




This packages is a plugin on top of the django-allauth app that provides the Orfium music platform as an OAuth provider. Package is compatible with Django >= 1.7 (including Django 2).


  1. Add django-allauth and orfium-oauth-provider as requirements to your project and install them.

  2. Add the following apps to your INSTALLED_APPS

    • 'django.contrib.auth',
    • 'django.contrib.sites',
    • 'allauth',
    • 'allauth.account',
    • 'allauth.socialaccount',
    • In case you use DRF, add 'rest_framework.authtoken',
    • 'orfium_oauth_provider',
  3. Make sure the following context processor is included in the TEMPLATES setting: 'django.template.context_processors.request'

  4. Add 'allauth.account.auth_backends.AuthenticationBackend' to the AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS setting.

  5. Specify the social account adapter (Allows connecting the orfium user account to your apps local users based on their usernames): SOCIALACCOUNT_ADAPTER = 'orfium_oauth_provider.adapters.ConnectExistingUsersSocialAccountAdapter'

  6. Set SITE_ID = 1 in your settings

  7. Use /accounts/orfium_oauth2/login/?process=login as the login link to automatically redirect users to Orfium, or optionally add the following to your MIDDLEWARE setting if you want all pages to be protected: orfium_oauth_provider.middlewares.AuthRequiredMiddleware If you use the middleware, you can specify which paths should be ignored by using the AUTH_REQUIRED_IGNORE_PATHS setting:

        '/accounts/',  # all URLs that start with /accounts/
        '/admin/',  # all URLs that start with /admin/
  8. Add the following to your urls: url(r'^accounts/', include('allauth.urls'))

  9. Migrate: python manage.py migrate

  10. Register your application at https://api.orfium.com/oauth/applications/ and make sure you specify the client type as Public and the authorization grant type as Authorization code. You may use the API_ORFIUM_ENDPOINT setting if you want your application to use an alternative endpoint such as https://api.dev.orfium.com. By default the endpoint is set to https://api.orfium.com. Use <YOUR_APP_BASE_URL>/accounts/orfium_oauth2/login/callback/ as the redirect URI.

  11. Update your sites info under Sites in the admin and create a new social application for the Orfium provider, using the App ID and Token you got from the previous step.