A simple add-on to build quizzes with PloneFormGen.

Plone, Python
pip install osha.quizzes==0.1


Build quizzes with Plone

osha.quizzes is a minimalistic Plone add-on that builds on top of the PloneFormGen product to enable you to build simple quizzes trough-the-web.


To install osha.quizzes you simply add osha.quizzes to the list of eggs in your buildout, run buildout and restart Plone. Then, install osha.quizzes using the Add-ons control panel.



This package does the following:
  • extends FormSelectionField with a correct_answer field so users can specify the correct answer from a list of options,
  • adds a PFGCorrectAnwserAdapter that iterates through all FormSelectionFields on form submit, calculates the percentage of correct answers and displays the result as a portal status message.
  • add a quizzes view, registered for Folders, that lists all FormFolders in a Folder, and opens them in an overlay upon clicking on one.

So, to create a quiz, first create a PloneFormGen's FormFolder, add some FormSelectionFields to it and set the correct answer for each of them.


Then add the PFGCorrectAnswersAdapter to the FormFolder, give it some some arbitrary title and save. No when you fill out the form and click submit, you'll get your score in a nice status message.


Finally you can choose to use the quizzes view on a Folder to list all quizzes in that folder and open them in overlays.

https://github.com/syslabcom/osha.quizzes/raw/master/docs/images/quizzes_view.png https://github.com/syslabcom/osha.quizzes/raw/master/docs/images/quiz_in_overlay.png